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Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT’S THE BEST WAY TO REACH YOU – Email us at lance@ReflectionsCreativePhotography.com or via our web-site contact page, but we would love to hear from you in person at (610) 395-6656 -office or (610) 392-8779 – cell & text.

WHAT IS YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY STYLE – We are lifestyle photographers who prefer to photograph people being themselves.  During your day, we want you to relax and have fun so that your personality shines through in your photos.  That being said, we are always there to lead and suggest formal and casually posed images that will highlight the beauty and uniqueness of your special day.

HOW MANY EVENTS WILL YOU PHOTOGRAPHY EACH DAY – Each photographer will only photography one event a day to insure full attention to that event.  As a point of reference, Linda and I always take the 1st booking on any given date.

WITH THE ALA CARTE CONCEPT, WHAT ARE THE BASICS – We charge a flat fee for full day coverage (normally starting 90 minutes prior to the ceremony as the Bride is preparing and leave at close to or at the end of the evening), unlimited images and web-hosting of all the adjusted images on our secure web-site for approximately 60 days.  We term this cost the Photographer’s Creative Fee and it is $1025.00.  After your event, you can choose whatever output you desire; enlargements, albums, photo DVD’s, etc.; all of which can be found on our full pricelist.

CAN YOU PROVIDE A 2ND PHOTOGRAPHER – Yes, one can be added for full day coverage or on an hourly basis.

WHAT IS I DON’T NEED A PHOTOGRAPHER FOR A FULL DAY – We have an option that allows for an hourly fee.  There is a two-hour minimum, with a five-hour maximum and you have the same options for your output.

HOW DO I RESERVE YOU TO PHOTOGRAPH OUR EVENT – Once we receive a signed agreement and deposit, your date is reserved.

WHAT CAN I EXPECT IN TERMS OF FINAL IMAGES – Your images are created in a RAW color format.  After our day, together, we handpick the final images from the day and work with them with basic Photoshop adjustments.  Any images chosen for purchase, enlargement or as part of an album, we work with them to bring them to their full potential.

HOW WILL I KNOW WHEN MY IMAGES ARE READY – Once ready we will send you a link to view your photos immediately and if you have provided us with an email contact list of your family and friends that you want us to notify, they will be contacted at the same time.


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