First Look – To Do or Not to Do?

January 26, 2021

The Wedding Industry has changed over the years and we can remember the 1st time we were asked about photographing a 1st look! Really, you want to see each other before the Wedding? Doesn’t that break with tradition. Well today we sing a little bit different song.

When we were first asked this question 75% of Weddings started in a place of worship, then outdoor images and finally reception. Today 95+% of our Weddings are all done at one location. So why does this make a Frist Look more popular? Well, I can only share our views and here they are.

If you opt to not do a first look, we will have to do much of your formal/semi-formal photography during your cocktail hour. I hate to say it, but we consume all or most of that time. There is just no other way around that.

The tradition of the first view of the Bride coming down the aisle is what tradition is all about, your parents did it, and their parents did it and so on and so forth. You both get to see each other from afar, then closer and closer and suddenly you are saying your vows, kissing and we are doing formal family images. If possible, your venue will take your drink order and then chase us to the next photo location. Then the rest of the night happens! Hopefully, the Groom has said how Amazing you look to his Bride by now!

Now the 1st Look – we’re already done all the early photos with the B&G and their friends. We find a private place where the Groom will be waiting for his Bride. She comes from behind, taps him on his shoulder, he turns, and romance begins! You can talk, hug, kiss, cry (only the groom because for make-up cost).You have some private time together that you do not have at the end of the aisle.

Now we can do the pictures of the two of you, and then your Bridal Party, after that your formal family, (which can also be done after the ceremony if you prefer).We will conclude all these images at least 45 minutes before the ceremony, so none of your guest will see you. There will be time to relax and for touch ups before the ceremony. To date, there has never been a Groom, that I have asked, how he felt seeing his Bride coming down the aisle that it was not as Special! Why, because how she is coming down the aisle so we can be truly starting our lives together!

After that you can freely spend time with you Bridal Party or join in with the cocktail hour that you have picked all the Special items for.

Do not get us wrong, we will always get everything done and spot on perfect, no matter what you choose, but we would like you to have some extra special quite moments together, not have your day be a nonstop carousel of activities but to remember your day with memories of joy!

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