In response to a less than steller review

April 18, 2017

Despite the reply comments to the points brought out in this review it is always our goal to provide each of our clients with 5-star performance and it saddens us that we apparently did not reach that goal with this specific Bride, unlike the many hundreds of reviews that point to the very opposite conclusion.

  1. There are many different types and styles of Wedding photography.  Our site, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and all our studio samples and display work, depicts our style which is classic Wedding Photography.  What we delivered here was the same style as we always do.
  2.  Demeanor – we always try to keep our day light and fun and as close to schedule as possible.  At the end of this relatively small wedding we received hugs and thanks from the B&G and a generous tip.  Some of the guests also offered us tips for taking group photos of their families which we never accept.  The next day the Bride called to thank us and said how much she enjoyed working with us the day before and now in this review I find that our demeanor was not acceptable nor were we responsive to it – don’t know how to comment further than almost every one of our previous reviews point out how much our Weddings enjoy working with us.
  3. The Wedding was photographed on April 1st and all the images, with basic photoshop adjustments were on line by April 3rd.  After additional editing the coupled finished photo DVD was mailed to them on April 17th.
  4. Social Media – the Bride had requested that we not do our normal “sneak peek” on her Facebook page, then called and said it’s OK, then emailed and said not to and at which point we removed the images.  As is our norm, we highlight certain images that showcase our work on various forms of social media, which we would link to the couples Facebook page if they like.  As she had requested that we not do so, we followed her wishes.  It should be obvious that any images we post, showcasing our work, are considering artful, tasteful and meeting the criteria of our business.
  5. The Album comment – Our concept is Ala Carte, which allows every couple the option what they want – no album is required.  Despite the size of the wedding, where it is held, what the couple ultimately orders, everyone is treated the same.  Over 50% of our couples don’t do traditional albums or may come back months later to do one.  It is totally up to them. By the way, we never ask what business is in and had no idea that they were in the professional printing business.

We are truly dismayed that we did not meet this Brides expectation.  Despite all the above comments, her desire to get her photo DVD as quickly as we could get it to her, so they could create their own Wedding Album, makes me feel that there must be more than a few images that will serve as lasting memories.

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